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At Rose River Therapy we value a holistic approach to health and wellbeing and work closely with the following healthcare providers.

Please click on the logos below for further details.

Onemed Medical Centre

A warm and approachable team of doctors and therapists integrating physical and mental health.

Dr Vicki Kelly - Rose River Therapy


Naturopathic and nutritional health care. Natalie offers personalised nutrition and lifestyle support to address the root cause of your physical and mental health issues.


Dr Vicki Kelly - Rose River Therapy PTSD

Clare White: Reflexologist

 Clare is a reflexologist supporting women through the transformative phases of their lives, helping to minimise the effects of stress from the constant juggle and pressure of modern life.


Dr Vicki Kelly - Rose River Therapy EMDR Sussexc-4bdd-a87b-6a65b77278fd_edited.jpg

Siobhan Swider
Sound Healing

Siobhan uses sound therapeutically with the harp, Tibetan and crystal bowls, voice and gongs. These sound baths provide a deep sense of relaxation, creating balance throughout the mind and body.

Dr Vicki Kelly - Rose River Therapy

This Happy Guru

Kirsty offers psychosomatic therapy, breathwork, mindfulness & meditation as part of her holistic lifestyle coaching as well as Yoga asana and philosophy to attain holistic balance

This Happy Guru large logo trans.png

Healing with Hiisha

Hiisha offers holistic treatment in the form of osteopathy, applied kinesiology and lifestyle advice with meditation.

Dr Vicki Kelly - Rose River Therapy

The Daisy Chain Project

A pro bono legal advice charity for domestic abuse victims.

Dr Vicki Kelly - Rose River Therapyin-Logo-No-Caps-White-Transparent.png

Red Hot Personal Training

A Sussex based practice run by Personal Trainer Lyndsey, helping women to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Dr Vicki Kelly - Rose River Therapy

Acorns Tutoring & Emotional Wellbeing Service

Children's learning mentor, Sharon, provides tutoring and emotional support to children experiencing a range of issues. 


Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate with us

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