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Specialist areas include:

  • PTSD and trauma

  • Problems following bereavement, loss or other traumatic events 

  • Depression, sadness and low mood

  • Anxiety, worries and fears

  • Phobias

  • Panic attacks

  • Low self esteem

  • Lacking self confidence

  • Stress

  • Relationship difficulties 

For children specifically I can help with: 

  • Adjustment to changed family circumstances including parental separation and divorce

  • Difficulties that result from bullying, accidents, illnesses, hospitalisation 

  • Paediatric related issues involving medical or health conditions

  • Attachment related difficulties

  • Anger management and other interpersonal difficulties


Psychology may also be helpful to those who:

  • Feel overwhelmed with life and unable to cope

  • Have difficulty dealing with feelings of guilt, shame, frustration and anger

  • Want to change unfulfilling aspects of their lives 

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